A small Piece of Paradise

The Via Romantika leads to historic towns, beautiful landscapes, numerous castles and palaces and the manufacturers of famous high-quality products – and of course the most beautiful photo motifs. In doing so it connects Saxony, Germany’s no. 1 cultural destination, with the Czech Republic and Poland. It crosses the “ Autobahn ” motorway route from Prague to Berlin twice, thus offering immediate access. From the Czech capital one can reach Pirna in 90 minutes, 15 minutes later one arrives in Dresden. It takes 2 hours to make it from Berlin to the Saxon capital and once again 15 minutes longer to get to Pirna. The overall length of the Via Romantika, which can be travelled on in both directions, is 685 km or 425 miles. This translates into a travel time of about 15 ½ hrs for the whole distance.